Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spring break and Parade Day

So this past week was great. I was out almost every night, actually all but one, jims ex gf was home for break so he wanted to see her for the I crashed home. We went to the island club on Thursday to see crush, the singer is hot, so I talked to her for a bit between sets then we went to other bars. Friday night I went out to shakerz from 8-10 then to the island club till 12 went home got changed then back to the club.

so then it was Parade Day in Scranton the 4th largest St Patricks Day Parade in the country.being the trooper I am I started drinking Friday night at 8 pm and kept at it till 2 am Sunday morning so more then 24 hours of drinking and all I am is incredibly tired. I met a chicky at parleys and hangout with her most of the day, and ill most likely see her this week sometime. Well im really tired so im out. goodnight all

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Well this week I was on spring break. I started hanging out with a friend named jimmy, we met on my birthday he was ther bartender also friends with my friend Justin and Kristin. So have gone out Saturday night till 7 am Sunday morning then out Sunday till 5 am , we stayed at his house after the bars, we had some ladies come back and drink with us, leann is gorgeous. She was one of the girls. Monday we went to shakers, met some people there got tanked, talked to the lead singer of "crush" a local band and im going to see her Thursday night at the island club. So well see what comes of that. I don't know whats on for tonite yet but im sure it will be fun if I go out.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Thirsty Thursday

Today was horrible, classes from 925am-930pm. Then work till midnight, needless to say I was in a shitty mood! So I made some calls to see who was out, well I got ahold of Sean he was out with the king's and budney, and his girlfriend who is incredible! Anyway we when t to flashbacks where I ran in to an old boss from when I was a lifeguard we caught up on old times and just talked for a while. I went back to my group and talked, had one last drink then moved on to cockeyes. There I ran into some other friends, some not even close to 21, Brian and Rico were there so I talked to them, then ran into Kyle from elementary school. We talked for maybe a few min then I moved on. I also saw Kelly, I liked this girl for SO long, just never said anything to her. Hopefully ill see her more often, ran into a few people from the gym, Mark and Melissa well that's about it im going to bed!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So here is the story, I dated this girl in December, beautiful girl, I liked her a lot. Seemed to be going well for a week LOL. Then she called and basically said she didn't like "labels" so I said ok that's fine. But in her mind that meant we broke up. Well a few days later her away message said "out drinking"or something of the sort. She once drove home drunk and that is like the worst thing u could do to me, I lost a lot of friends due to that. Anyway I called her to see if she had a ride home and if she didn't to call me and id pick her up. I don't care that she was out, or who she was with but I just wanted to see that she got home safe. When we first started talking a kid kept calling her and she didn't want to talk to him so she just ignored the call and let it ring, because if u hit the ignore button u can here a click so u know the person hung up. Well when I called she did just that, so I called our mutual best friend Jackie to make sure she had a ride from the bar, turns out she was with another guy (which as I said was ok) now we are in a few classes together and she completely ignores me, doesn't just blow me off, she pretends like we never knew eachother. So what the hell is that about, I never did anything to hurt her. Its weird I suppose ill never understand, I am like the nicest guy I know, I'm not cocky, not broke, decently good looking, I don't know what it is, I guess it is the old "nice guys always finish last" oh well .. I'm sure there will be more posts about this, its a new experience for me, all my ex's still talk to me.

Monday, February 28, 2005

let it snow

today was a usual monday for the most part, went to class at 11 then lifting at noon. came home to see if my friends and i were going to the bar for "shooter girls" birthday, but we are getting 6-12 inches of snow so that hinders our plans for the night. started my speech for my public speaking class and im almost done, i called off from work tonite so i could go out, but it seems like its going to be a great night to do home work. well im out seeya

Sunday, February 27, 2005

for starters

well this weekend was somewhat intresting, went to the bars, cops carded ouside for underagers. and that was my friday night, saturday i went to a comedy club with some friends, funny stuff, and a great time aswell. sunday(today) i did absolutly nothing, i am a lazy a$$.

well thats all for now hopefully ill post some stuff again. my life is kinda screwy but i know some that are much worse! stay tuned