Monday, February 28, 2005

let it snow

today was a usual monday for the most part, went to class at 11 then lifting at noon. came home to see if my friends and i were going to the bar for "shooter girls" birthday, but we are getting 6-12 inches of snow so that hinders our plans for the night. started my speech for my public speaking class and im almost done, i called off from work tonite so i could go out, but it seems like its going to be a great night to do home work. well im out seeya

Sunday, February 27, 2005

for starters

well this weekend was somewhat intresting, went to the bars, cops carded ouside for underagers. and that was my friday night, saturday i went to a comedy club with some friends, funny stuff, and a great time aswell. sunday(today) i did absolutly nothing, i am a lazy a$$.

well thats all for now hopefully ill post some stuff again. my life is kinda screwy but i know some that are much worse! stay tuned