Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spring break and Parade Day

So this past week was great. I was out almost every night, actually all but one, jims ex gf was home for break so he wanted to see her for the I crashed home. We went to the island club on Thursday to see crush, the singer is hot, so I talked to her for a bit between sets then we went to other bars. Friday night I went out to shakerz from 8-10 then to the island club till 12 went home got changed then back to the club.

so then it was Parade Day in Scranton the 4th largest St Patricks Day Parade in the country.being the trooper I am I started drinking Friday night at 8 pm and kept at it till 2 am Sunday morning so more then 24 hours of drinking and all I am is incredibly tired. I met a chicky at parleys and hangout with her most of the day, and ill most likely see her this week sometime. Well im really tired so im out. goodnight all


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