Friday, March 04, 2005

Thirsty Thursday

Today was horrible, classes from 925am-930pm. Then work till midnight, needless to say I was in a shitty mood! So I made some calls to see who was out, well I got ahold of Sean he was out with the king's and budney, and his girlfriend who is incredible! Anyway we when t to flashbacks where I ran in to an old boss from when I was a lifeguard we caught up on old times and just talked for a while. I went back to my group and talked, had one last drink then moved on to cockeyes. There I ran into some other friends, some not even close to 21, Brian and Rico were there so I talked to them, then ran into Kyle from elementary school. We talked for maybe a few min then I moved on. I also saw Kelly, I liked this girl for SO long, just never said anything to her. Hopefully ill see her more often, ran into a few people from the gym, Mark and Melissa well that's about it im going to bed!


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